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Kayak rentals in Vilnius – recommends to test perfect sailing Lithuatia river – Vilnele. Vilnius city residents and its guests join uor company. Kayak Rentals in Vilnius, it is the best use of free time!

Did you know that over 16 km. the length of the riffle slope of almost 30m! So we can say that this mini-mountain river in Lithuania !

Canoe rental in Vilnius providing since 2006, so we know that swimming Vilnele – section No.1 Lithuania. Although quite a short interval, only about 16 km., But there you will experience endless excitement. Kayaking will be able to enjoy Pavilniai park views Pučkorių outcrop (height – more than 65 m, width – 260 m) Užupio of biases, Sereikiškės park and entry to admire the Neris River in Vilnius city center. We guarantee a large dose of adrenaline! If you’re a lover of extreme sensations, this river is just for you!

NOTE: After the swim you will be completely wet, so bring extra dry clothes !

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About swimming organization

Active tourism capital of JSC is the only provider of Canoe rental Vilnius – SUPER swimming Vilnele. Meeting point at the helicopter landing area or Forum Palace parking lot. Seated in minibuses and taken to the starting place for swimming (N.Vilnia dam or Belmont). There we provide inventory, and briefly introduce the passage and give instructions. End Swimming 150m. for white bridge, on the right bank of the Neris quay side (where concrete quay ends). The meeting place easy to get your own car, you can leave VCUP parking lot. Public transport stops from Constitution Avenue or the green bridge.

Canoe season is gaining momentum from mid-April or beginning of May, when the air and water temperature is not that cold. Of course heats always arrange if the river is not frozen. If you wanted to try your hand at kayaking, just contact us by phone +370 618 82995 or e-mail info@activetourism.lt. You just need to know the indicative date for when you want to swim, and how many people will sail with you. After consulting pick your line with your wishes River, consult you what you should know before swimming, and according to the time of year you should have with you. The day before sailing again get back to you, and check everything. Swimming day rendezvous, we will take you to a swimming start places instructed to answer all of your questions and of course provide all the necessary inventory.


meeting point you can find on google maps just search – Kayak rental in Vilnius Active tourism.

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